Aquarius 2015 Love Horoscope Unmarried

2015 is full of passion and companionship, Aquarius, but go easy for the first few months. Be selective about who you spend time with, especially when Mercury is retrograde in your sign (January 21 – February 11). This may not be simple, because the first three months you have many pleasant sextiles that make you appealing and make others appealing to you.

Saturn is retrograde from March 14 until August 1, and you may think you’re less interested in the dating scene. That won’t prevent attractive wannabes from finding you. Be open-minded and stay in touch socially, but if you want a break, say so nicely and take guilt- and consequence-free “me” time.

It’s hard to slow down in such a fiery a year. Summer is also when you may meet someone with good chemistry and appeal that also lasts. Be open-hearted and give yourself a chance. If not summer, then maybe in October, when the Lunar North Node can bring you a romantic and fated encounter.

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