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If Columbus had a GirlFriend

[qrcodetag]If Columbus had a GirlFriend; He might have never Discovered AMERICA because GF: Where are you Going? With Whom? How are you Going? To discover what? Why only you? What Should I do when you are Gone? Can I come with you? When will you be Back? Where will you […]

Roses for Girl friend

[qrcodetag]One day a Boys Girlfriend was approaching. The boy was not in the city so he ordered 24 red roses for her girlfriend and called her up; Dear I have sent you as many roses as of your Age is going to be on the birthday! While delivering florist thought; […]


[qrcodetag]GIRLS; GIRLS; GIRLS; If you praise them; they think you are lying; If you dont; You are good for nothing. If they talk; they want you to listen; If you listen; they want you to talk. if you touch them; You are not a gentle man; If you dont; you […]

Essay on duck

[qrcodetag size=400]Essay on duck: I like duck. Duck lives in water. I also drink water. My neighbor uncle drink alcohol. Alcohol is very bad. It was told by Gandhi ji. He was a good person. He had one stick. Stick swim in water. Duck also swim in water. Duck take […]

How to Make a Girl Happy

[qrcodetag size=350]How to Make a Girl Happy? Its not at all difficult to make a girl happy. A guy ONLY needs to be: 1. A friend 2.companion 3.lover 4.chef 5.electrician 6.carpntr 7.plumbr 8.mechanic 9.decoratr 10.stylist 11.drivr 12.gyncologist 13.psycologist 14.pest exterminator . . 39.courageous 40.determined 41.true 42.dependable 43.passionate 44.compassionate WITHOUT FORGETTING […]