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Heart and Eyes Love Story

Cute love story; Heart: I Love YOU; Eye: why? Heart: bcoz my beats depends on the Beauty you Watch. Eyes: I Love you too Heart: Why? Eyes: bcoz when I watch beauty; you give the feelings for it.

A caring and loving Good Morning message 2

A Good morning creates a Good mood; A Good mood creates Good work; A Good work creates a Good day; A Good day makes you Happy and your Happiness makes me Happy!

At age 3 we started studies 1

At age 3 we started studies with tears and at 23 we finish studies with tears. 1st tear were because of fear and 2nd would be fear of missing dears.

A Lovely Relation 1

A Lovely Relation Should Have The Determination Like A Mirror which never Loses Its Ability to Reflect Even if it is Broken into Thousand Pieces!

Cute and true lines

Cute and true lines: Never choose a dearone without understanding; and Never lose a dearone because of misunderstanding.

Its not the presence of someone 1

Its not the presence of someone that brings meaning to Life; But the way Someone touches your HEART gives LIFE a Beautiful Meaning.

When the night comes

When the night comes; look at the sky. If you see a falling star; dont wonder why; just make a wish. Trust me; it will come true; because I did it and I found you.

Eating sweets are tasty

Eating sweets are tasty! Speaking sweet words are easy! But; finding sweet people are very very difficult! Lucky idot! How did you find me?

There is no point

There is no point in keeping your heart like a steel because you dont know whose heart turns out to be a magnet.