Good Morning SMS

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happy morning

The sun is about to rise, the birds are about to sing, my heart says wish you a happy morning. Good morning

A caring and loving Good Morning message 2

A Good morning creates a Good mood; A Good mood creates Good work; A Good work creates a Good day; A Good day makes you Happy and your Happiness makes me Happy!

To start a day is just like painting

To start a day is just like painting. Draw the line wit prayers. Erase the errors with forgiveness. Dip the brush with patience and color it with love. Good Morning.

For a nice friend 2

For a nice friend Nice morning. For a sweet friend Sweet morning. For a lovely friend Lovely morning. For a good friend Good morning! You are all for me. HAVE A NICE DAY.

The LONGEST 5 minutes in the WORLD

The LONGEST 5 minutes in the WORLD is the LAST 5 minutes of a LECTURE! While the SHORTEST 5 minutes is the snooze after the alarm ring.

My beautiful SMS traveled

My beautiful sms traveled over my Room; Roads; Buildings; Towers; Rivers; Lakes; Plants; Cloud and finally reached your mobile just to wish you.

Sunday Good Morning SMS

Marvelous Monday; Tasty Tuesday; Wonderful Wednesday; Thankful Thursday; Friendly Friday; Successful Saturday; I wish you a Sweetest Sunday. Good Morning.

I have no yesterdays

I have no yesterdays; Time took them away; Tomorrow may not be mine; But I have Today. So wish you my dear a very good day AND KEEP SMILING ALWAYS.

Morning has a great meaning

Morning has a great meaning. Every mrng the SUN says “Wake up like me” SKY says “Aim my height” WIND says “Refresh like me”.GUD MRNG HAVE A NICE DAY