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This year we are experiencing

This year we are experiencing for unusual dates. 1.1.11; 11.1.11; 1.11.11; 11.11.11. Take the last two digits of your year of birth and add your running age; the result will be 111 for everyone. this is the YEAR OF MONEY. 11.11.11 is near.


CM Kiran: Naa kottha illu choosava enthundo? Oka room nundi vere room ki vellal ante bike kavali! Jagan: Repu naa guest house ki ra kodaka; room marithe roaming paduthundhi..!! Rahul Gandhi: Pichii na ______ naa intiki randi; room marithe Time zone maruthundhi. HEIGHTS OF CORRUPTION IN INDIA.

Creative slogans for Anna Hazare Campaign

Creative slogans for Anna Hazare Campaign; India Against corruption. Manmohan Singh ek kaam karo; chudi pehen kar dance karo! Sonia jiski mummy hai; wo sarkar nikammi hai. ali ka kutta ho; kapil sibbal jaisa ho! Manmohan jiska tau hai; wo sarkar bikau hai! Desh ka yuwa jaag gaya; dekho rahul […]

3 blasts Rip Mumbai apart

3 blasts Rip Mumbai apart! and it happens to be KASABs birthday on 13th July! our intelligence has been shamed and Kasab has been gifted by his cronies. Government is sleeping or died?

Terrorism in India

Is terrorism an external threat only? No blasts possible until some officer; politician sold the security of country for money. Corruption kills!!

Very bad to here in India

Very bad to here in India that. It took 3 Years to arrest Hassan Ali; 2 Years to act against A.Raja; 6 Months to arrest kalmadi and only 1 Day for trying to arrest a Good person Swami Ramdev.

Kahan kahan lagaoge dhara 144?

Kahan kahan lagaoge dhara 144? Jahan honge hum; vahin baith jaayenge anshan par! har Hindustani ban jaayega Jantar Mantar aur raajghat; Chaho to aazmaalo!

Please BLACK your profile picture

Please BLACK your profile picture in SOCIAL NETWORKS to protest on this Black day; I plead to everyone to wear BLACK RIBBON on there arms in support of agitation on 8th june By ANNA JI I plead to everone please make dis a moment.

Unity is strength

Unity is strength; Anna Hazare ji and Baba Ramdev Ji have big supporters; let us join together and protest against this corrupt government; both are fighting against corruption. Jai Hind! Calling all youngsters; future of India.