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Make money through Facebook

Wanna make money through Facebook…?? Go to: Account-> account settings-> and click on De-activate your Account than Start Working…!!

I can have half of my salary.

After his Divorce a husband came out of the court jumping, dancing, singing 💥 His friend asked him why he was so happy. He replied “Court has said to pay my wife half of my salary.” Friend asked “Why are you happy?” He said “From now on I can have […]

Lungi Color Chodri Ustaad

Gosh wale Pasha bhai ki ek taang neeli ho gayi. Wo doctor k paas gaye. Doctor: Shaayad zeher phail gaya. Taang kaatni padegi. Kuch din baad operation hua and Pasha bhai ki taang kaat diye. Kuch din baad doosri bhi neeli hogayi. Doctor: Zeher zyada phail gaya hai. Dusri b […]

road between USA and India

God: I am pleased with your prayers. Ask me what do you want? Man: I want to lay a road between USA and India. God: That is not possible. Laying road over seas, land and across boundaries of different countries is very difficult. Ask me something else. Man: Please make […]

Life style of Daughter and Father 1

MODERN LIFE STYLE: DAUGHTER: Sorry dad; I got married yesterday. Forgot to invite you. DAD: Its okay; but dont forget next time.

Dustbin Quote

Millions of people wrote Love Letters; But everyone sends the First Love Letter to ME. Think how handsome OR Beautiful I am. Quoted by DUSTBIN.

Child parents and Report Card

When I was child; I was afraid to show my report card. Years passed by: now my parents are afraid to see it. I like their improvement!

Husband throwing knives

Husband throwing knives on his wifes picture. All were missing the target! Suddenly he received a call from her. Hi; what are you doing Honey? His honest reply; MISSING YOU DEAR.

I wont be Impressed

I wont be Impressed with Science and technology Until I can download a Zinger Burger and a Chilled Coke.