Facebook SMS

If Facebook was a School

If Facebook was a School or a College. Every one will get a Certificate for Full Attendance 😀

Boy asking GF if jealous

Boy: Baby are you jealous? Girl Friend: No. Boy: Baby are you jealous? Gf: No. Boy: Baby are you jealous? Gf: I already told you; No! Boy: Baby can I get a kiss? Gf: GO GET A KISS FROM THAT UGLY GIRL THAT LIKED YOUR STATUS ON FACEBOOK! 😛

Rajnikanth started using FACEBOOK

Rajnikant started using FACEBOOK; within 10 sec he got trillions of notifications; One of them was; Facebook wants to be your friend!

Of all the books

Of all the books that I have encountered FACEBOOK is the best!

Facebook status addict guy

Facebook status addict: Once a guy updated his status: I am going to sleep shirtless tonight. After some time: 188 Mosquitoes liked his status and received 2000 Mosquitoes Friendship requests!

Social Network great for loners

Question: Why is facebook; orkut; twitter a great site for loners? Answer: Because its the only place where they can talk to a wall and not to be considered an loser!

Facebook Twitter Foursquare 1

Facebook asks whats on your mind? Twitter asks whats Happening. Foursquare asks where I am. The internet has turned into a crazy friend.

facebook addiction

Heights of addiction: Just before hanging; judge asked the prisoner Any last wish? Prisoner: Yes; I want to update my FACEBOOK status as DEAD!

Osama and Obama facebook twist

Tension on facebook: Obama updates his fb status LADEN IS KILLED; JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE. after sum time he gets notficason. Osama Bin Laden Likes your status!