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Testing a Pearl 1

You can test if a pearl is real by rubbing Vinegar on it. Vinegar bubbles furiously due to pearl composition.

We Aim our goals

We Aim our goals; but do you know what the full form of AIM is? Its AMBITION IN MIND

Amazing Mathematics

Amazing Mathematics: 1×8+1=9 12×8+2=98 123×8+3=987 1234×8+4=9876 12345×8+5=98765 123456×8+6=987654 1234567×8+7=9876543 12345678×8+8=98765432 123456789×8+9=987654321

Google Search by SMS

Do you want to search anything on Google and not having smartphone or computer? You can even search on Google by sending keyword by SMS to 9773300000.

The relation of Names of Brands

BLUETOOTH: Name of the king of Norway in 10th century. NOKIA: Name of a river in Finland. OFOTO: Old name of Kodak. BIG BLUE: Nick name of IBM. BENQ: Bringing enjoyment and quality. INTEL: Integrated electronics. MITSUBISHI: Synonym is Three diamonds. BPL: British Physical Laboratories. CNN: Cable News Network.

Do You Know The Logic of Emergency 108 Ambulance

Do You Know The Logic of Emergency 108 Ambulance? Take last two digits of your Birth Year Ex:83 ADD Your Current Age Ex:27 then MINUS 2 two 83+27=110; removing two will give you 108. Its Amazing!

Soft nature can be strongest 1

A soft nature of a person doesn’t mean weakness Remember Nothing is softer than water but its force can break the strongest of rocks!

Sperm Contains 37.5 MB data

A single sperm has 37.5 MB of DNA information in it. That means that a normal Ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1,587.5 TB in about 3 seconds Even google is no match to this speed.

Nimulid Cetrizet – D

*Nimulid*Cetrizet-D They contain Phenyl Propanol Amide(PPA) which causes heart-strokes. All these tablets r banned in USA Forward this to maxium people