Three nice stories

Three nice stories: 1. Once; all villagers decided to pray for rain; on the day of prayer all people gathered and only one boy came with an umbrella. THATS FAITH. 2. Example of the feeling of a one year old baby. When you throw him in the air; he laughs […]

If Columbus had a GirlFriend

If Columbus had a GirlFriend; He might have never Discovered AMERICA because GF: Where are you Going? With Whom? How are you Going? To discover what? Why only you? What Should I do when you are Gone? Can I come with you? When will you be Back? Where will you […]

Roses for Girl friend

One day a Boys Girlfriend was approaching. The boy was not in the city so he ordered 24 red roses for her girlfriend and called her up; Dear I have sent you as many roses as of your Age is going to be on the birthday! While delivering florist thought; […]


GIRLS; GIRLS; GIRLS; If you praise them; they think you are lying; If you dont; You are good for nothing. If they talk; they want you to listen; If you listen; they want you to talk. if you touch them; You are not a gentle man; If you dont; you […]

Understand these exceptionalities

Sometimes sorry means; its not my fault its yours; accept it; it would make me feel better. Sometimes good night means; dont keep the phone silly I want to talk more. Sometimes take care means; I am not well and need to be cared for. Sometimes disconnecting a phone means […]

Friends are the most stupid people

My friends are the most stupid people in the entire world Idiots; they catch my sadness even if am smiling Silly billys; sumtimes dont even give me time Devils; tease me till it gets onto my nerves Sumtimes fools have fun without me and dont even care to miss me. […]

The worst Government

India is having the hardest time as its running by THE WORST GOVERNMENT. The police had entered Ramlila Grounds at night 1 AM to arrest Ramdev Ji. Why didnt they come in Morning? Why dont they say; Yes they will bring back the black money? Instead they are stopping these […]

Government real colors coming out

Police descend on Ramlila grounds where Ramdev Ji and movement supporters were on Hunger Strike. People now wake up; see the real colors of our Government; How they are are. They clearly shows they dont want to bring Black Money and not supporting. Get united; Its the time for fight […]

Smile turn into tears

When will your smile turn into tears. 1. When you lift your first baby. 2. See your most loved one after so many long years. 3. When you hear your 1st recruitment message after a long wait. 4. When you are asked to smile for photo in your lovers marriage. […]