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To be successful in life

To be successful in life, forget the problems you faced, But do not forget the lessons those problems taught you!

A very true feeling

A very true feeling: I may not have the sense how to talk to people. But my mind is so pure that there is no intention to hurt some one ever.

Always have a Successful EXIT 1

Always have a Successful EXIT than a Favorable ENTRANCE; Because what matters is not being clapped when we arrive but being Remembered when we Leave.

A little less ego

  A little less ego and a more understanding; a little less argument and more compromise; a little less expectation and more love; keep relations forever!

PENCILS are made with Erasers

PENCILS are made with Erasers to give you second chance. But the logic is; Eraser on the pencil was made small for you to remember that chances are limited.

Being alone is not a bad Feeling

Being alone is not a bad Feeling. Sometime it helps to Solve the Unanswered Questions!

Very truthful lines

Very truthful lines. Words are the only weightless things in this world that can actually make you feel heavy.

RELATIONS cannot be understood

RELATIONS cannot be understood by the Language of MONEY; Some INVESTMENTS never gain PROFIT in RUPEES; But; They make US RICH in VALUES.

You dont always have to defend

You dont always have to defend your self with words. Sometimes your silence gives people a clue that you have better thoughts in mind.