Pisces 2015 Money Horoscope

There’s plenty of passion and energy for work, ambition, and money this year, Pisces. Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn give you a Grand Trine in Fire Signs, providing motivation, eagerness, and the sense of pride to succeed.

Possibly in April, take on a new assignment and stun people with your success. In August, Jupiter confers the power and vision to handle bigger projects. In November, Saturn consolidates your authority in the workplace.

If you’re training or changing careers, 2015 offers inspiration and energy. Find a niche or introduction in the spring, project a powerful winning image in the summer, and be indisputably reliable and competent in the fall. This year is yours, really.

Finances also look adequate and on firm footing. Be fiscally sensible, maybe have a slightly thicker financial cushion against the unexpected (unlikely but never impossible, in April or in October), and prosper in 2015!

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