Kabali on Aeroplane and Car

It seems first time Kabali Promotions are going on Aeroplane. Check out the photos of Kabali on Car and Plane. Rajni Magic

Cartoon Flight

In the addicting distance game Cartoon Flight you are the pilot of a small cartoon plane. Get ready for some breathtaking action as you fight your way through dangerous territory. Shoot enemies, avoid obstacles, collect coins, and upgrade your plane to fly even farther! Only with good maneuvering skills and […]

Negative thinking is important

Sometimes Negative thinking is as important as Creative thinking because If Creative thinking invents Aeroplane then Negative thinking invents Parachute.

Confidence of professors

Confidence: Many professors were once called. they were asked to sit in an aeroplane. After they sat they were told that these planes were made by their students. They all hurried out of the plane but only one dint move. He said: If it is made by my students. . […]

This Sankrat with Rajnikant

This is the first Sankrat in which Rajnikant will also be celebrating; its leaked news that he ordered Boeings latest aeroplane for kite flying. So dont ever try to fight with his kite!