Boy to a Girl for True Love

True love! Girl: which is more important your life or me? Boy: Before I answer that; let me ask you something Girl: sure. Boy: what is difference between you and my life.

Dont cry over that

Dont cry over that boy who broke your heart. He only broke it because he knew he was not going to be the one who complete it.

A Boy’s Attitude

An attitude! Girl proposed a boy. Boy: I am not accepting your proposal but I salute your choice.

A girl asked a Boy

A girl asked a Boy. Why we fall in a relationship when we know that someday it will end. Boy: I will answer You But first tell me why do we live when we know that someday we will die!

A boy called FM radio and said

A boy called FM radio and said: I have found a purse with 15000 Bucks a credit card and an ID card of Mr.John new road; UK. Radio Jockey: How honest so you want to return his purse? Boy: No. . .I just wanted to dedicate a sad song for […]

Girls sixth Psychology on boys

Girls sixth Psychology on boys: Find a faithful boy and love.

A girl never express

Mostly: A girl never express her liking for a boy; Thinking boy should express first! And A boy never express with a fear of losing her as a friend! Thats why love stories end before it starts!

Traffic Police

Traffic Police took out the Challan Book and asked: What is your name? Boy: Trikulavaty Thekeparambli KUttavilampi Jollumutti Swami! Police: Closed the Book; and said; Its okay Drive Safely; Go.

Boy want to hold Girls Hand

Boy: can I hold your hand? Girl: NO! Boy: Why? Girl: Because it hurts when you leave. . . . Boy: Mother Promise; Boys Acting; so Girls Overacting! 😀