Yet feels like forever

Its hard to know; you are just my friend; I wonder if this will ever end. I love to hold you the way I used to and prove to you my love is so true; It was not long ago; yet feels like forever

Part of your Life Fever

  I dont have that much Creativity to impress you by Sending nice Messages but; I only Send Messages for you  to Remember me as a part of your Life Forever.

Never believe someone when they promise

Never believe someone when they promise to NEVER hurt you. Be smart enough to know; that NO ONE can keep that promise FOREVER.

Kiss on the Forehead

Kiss on the Forehead; It means; I hope we are together forever.

The happiest people

The happiest people do not have everything in Life. they just keep creating situations that bring happiness everyday; every time and forever.

Nothing lasts forever 1

Nothing lasts forever; not even your problems. Stay positive.

I may not be beautiful

I may not be beautiful and perfect person; but my love for you is unconditional and endless and thats all I can give to you truthful till forever and ever. Love YOU.

When a Girl lays

When a Girl lays on your chest: She is wishing for your to be hers forever.

True friends friendship day wishes

Good FRIENDS CARE for each Other. Close Friends UNDERSTAND each Other and TRUE Friends Stay forever beyond words; beyond time. Happy Friendship day!