Soccer Girl

Catch as many soccer balls as you can in this hot skill game! Move the goal across the screen and make sure to not miss any balls. The more you collect, the more excited the sexy soccer girl gets. How many points can you score?

girl waiting at the Bus Stop

What you call a fat girl waiting at the Bus Stop. Simple its – MOTIVATING. 😜😜😜😂😂😂😱😱😱

Girl to her father love on Website, facebook, skype, viber, twitter, makemytrip, flipkart, gmail

Girl: पापा एक Important बात थी Father:बोलो Girl: मैं एक लड़के से प्यार करती हूँ पर बो America मे रहता हैं * website में हमारी जान पहचान हुई * Facebook में दोस्ती हुई *Skype में उसने मुझे propose किया * Viber में हमलोग दो महीने से प्यार कर रहें हैं […]

Slacking School 1

Slacking School Lucy is not in the mood for class, so she is Slacking School! Help her to finish her little projects she uses to take her mind of the boring stuff the teacher is talking about. Be careful to finish them while her teacher is not present. Before she […]

Boy to a Girl for True Love

True love! Girl: which is more important your life or me? Boy: Before I answer that; let me ask you something Girl: sure. Boy: what is difference between you and my life.

Which Girl to Love

Do not love the most beautiful girl in the world: Love the girl who can make your world the most beautiful.

A Boy’s Attitude

An attitude! Girl proposed a boy. Boy: I am not accepting your proposal but I salute your choice.

A girl asked a Boy

A girl asked a Boy. Why we fall in a relationship when we know that someday it will end. Boy: I will answer You But first tell me why do we live when we know that someday we will die!

Two Guys coming out

Two Guys coming out of the examination Hall with chips and coke in hand. 1st guy: Which paper was it? 2nd guy: I think maths. . 1st guy: (surprisingly) you read the question paper? 2nd guy: No I see a girl sitting besides me using calculator.