A caring and loving Good Morning message 2

A Good morning creates a Good mood; A Good mood creates Good work; A Good work creates a Good day; A Good day makes you Happy and your Happiness makes me Happy!

Thousands of happiness 1

Thousands of happiness cant remove one pain in heart. But one pain can remove thousands of happiness in heart.

Happiness you can give.

A nice Quote: Happiness. . . . . This is one thing which if you dont have; then also you can give to others. its True na!

Feel the Pleasure of Life in every second

Feel the Pleasure of Life in every second; Never be angry or sad; Because; Every one minute of your sadness. You lose 60 seconds of happiness!

No one is the reason

No one is the reason of your Happiness; Except you yourself.

The end of winter season

The end of winter season; Beginning of Spring season; the first festival of New Year. Celebrate with joy and Happiness. Wish you happy Makar Sankranti!

Kites flying high

Kites flying high to touch the happiness; til mangled with sweet to spread sweetness. Time to enjoy the moment with full intensity very happy prosperous Makar Sankranti

I wish New Year brings

I wish New Year brings just happiness not tears; Everybody loves only YOU my Dear; All your Problems will be Finish. Its for YOU my Special NEW YEARS wish.

I hope you remember

I hope you remember my wishes last year and your through out year passed in Fun and Happiness. Here I am wishing you again for this year as well. A very happy and Prosperous new year.