Heart is never been tired

Sometimes: My Brain is tired to think. Eyes are tired to see. Lips are tired to speak. Hands are tired to work. Feet are tired to walk. But my Heart is never been tired to loving you.

Love is the courage

Love is the courage to put your whole heart into one person; even though it might get hurt.

Words and heart

Words cant express what I feel for you. Its also difficult for me to prove. But I know my heart is true when i say: I am lucky to have you.

I love you on Anniversary

I LOVE U are words just three; which means so much on our ANNIVERSARY. So; this is what i want to say; live in my heart and there for ever stay.

Sex Keeps your Heart Healthy

Sex helps you burn calories but it can also improve your heart. Sex will take care of stroke and heart attacks, you just have to enjoy the moment.

Its my heart

I want to put you in a dark room; where you will find blood everywhere and walls shaking. dont worry; it will be in the safest place in the Universe. Its my HEART.

You are my heart

Far or near: You are my dear. Young or Old: You are my gold. East or west: you are my best. Cute and Smart: You are my sweet. Start or end: You are my heart.

Reason or No reason to Like Someone

When you have a reason to like someone it means your mind likes it! When you have no reason for liking someone it means your heart likes it.

Love is like

Love is like living in someones heart without paying any bucks for whole life.