Be with me for ever

You Are Sweet Than Honey. Pure Than Milk. Soft Than Flower. Since I Have You As My Lover, Come To Me Near, I will Kiss Your Lips Without Fear. U will Say, Having You Is Treasure and Be With Me For Ever.

International Kiss Day

Its A Special Day Today. Its The 6th Day Of Valentine Week. International Kiss Day! Kisses To You

The best things to be given away

The best things in Life can never be kept; they must be given away. A Smile; A Kiss; and Love!

For the best mom

For the best mom who always had a smile for me. I know we may be far apart right now So heres a great big hug and kiss. Happy Mothers Day

I am afraid to lose u

When I saw you I was afraid to meet U; When I met you I was afraid to kiss U; When I kissed U I was afraid to love U; Now that I love u; I am afraid to lose u.

If you read

If you read; you owe me a HUG; if you delete; you Owe me a KISS; if you save; you owe me a DATE; if you return text to me; you owe me All; but if you ignore; you are MINE; so what will you do?

Kiss on Hand 1

Kiss on Hand; it means I adore you.

Kiss on the Shoulder

Kiss on the Shoulder; It means I want you. I cant live without you.

Kiss on the Neck

Kiss on the Neck; It means We belong to each other.