Battery and Live, Whatsapp Status truth

Battery About to Die, I am about to live.

I love you on Anniversary

I LOVE U are words just three; which means so much on our ANNIVERSARY. So; this is what i want to say; live in my heart and there for ever stay.

A girl asked a Boy

A girl asked a Boy. Why we fall in a relationship when we know that someday it will end. Boy: I will answer You But first tell me why do we live when we know that someday we will die!

Difference of Love and Friendship

Difference of Love and Friendship without you; I Cant Live: Is Love. You must Live; I am with you: Is Friendship.

Kiss on the Shoulder

Kiss on the Shoulder; It means I want you. I cant live without you.

I live for you

What I need to Live; Has been Given to me; By the Earth; Why I Need to Live; Has Been Given to me; By You as my Valentine; Happy Valentines day.

You are my life

Love is life; And I love my life; I love to live; because I live to love you; You are my love; And you are my life. Happy Valentines Day

Its a pity that

Its a pity that most of us LIVE our WHOLE LIFE on default settings; never realising that we can actually customise it.

Now go and Flirt

Never ask for a Hug; Just take it. Never ask Do you Love me? Say I Love YOU. Never say I cant live without you! Say I live for you. You been been trained. Now go and Flirt.