Make money through Facebook

Wanna make money through Facebook…?? Go to: Account-> account settings-> and click on De-activate your Account than Start Working…!!

Formula Fever

Formula Fever Push the pedal to the medal! In this cool racing game you can totally satisfy your need for speed! Race against opponents, earn prize money and buy new cars and tracks. Collect coins to earn bonus money and avoid oil stains, they will make your car spin! Compete […]

unemployed engineer graduate

An unemployed engineer graduate was looking out for a suitable job in his stream. He attended several exams and many personal interviews, only to be rejected. . . . . Being fed up after so many months of his job hunt, he decided to get into any job that can […]

A video of Swamy about money and Professional Persons

A video of Swamy about money and Professional Persons So what you wanna be.

RELATIONS cannot be understood

RELATIONS cannot be understood by the Language of MONEY; Some INVESTMENTS never gain PROFIT in RUPEES; But; They make US RICH in VALUES.

Shah Rukh Khan, An actor

Shah Rukh Khan, An actor and One of the top celebrities in India. He had to sleep on the bench and borrow money to travel during start.

We celebrate our festivals

We celebrate our festivals with spending lots of MONEY and TIME on crackers; Idols, Sweets etc. . . Why cant we spend a few on our republic day helping people around; hosting flags; awareness spreading etc. . . Its our Republic Day we have to do it. Do it. Happy […]

In this busy world

In this busy world; the best way to make people remember yourself is to BORROW MONEY FROM THEM! 😛

Banta Selling Parachute to Santa

Banta selling Parashut: Jump from the Plane; press the button; and you will safely land; Santa: If Parachute doesnt open? Banta: Dont worry; take your money back!