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JIO News. JIO Happy new year offer. Mukesh Ambani Announces JIO Services free till March 2017.

Jack and Jill on Fox

Jill: Why are you watching Fox News since 8 Hrs? Jack: I Wanted to know news about foxes; but no news about foxes so far!

Banta jumped from building due to sad news for Santa

A person tells: SANTA your son died! Hearing dis SARDAR jumped from 50th floor; at 35th floor he realize: I have no son! AT 20th floor he realize: I am unmarried! and AT 3rd floor: Shit! I am BANTA!

Latest news about janlokpal

To get the latest news about janlokpal movement in India; just dial 09212123212

Mrs. and Miss Julie

Doc: Mrs. Julie good news for you. Julie: What do you mean by Mrs. Julie? I am Miss Julie. Doctor: Oh! Sorry Miss Julie; bad news for you.

The relation of Names of Brands

BLUETOOTH: Name of the king of Norway in 10th century. NOKIA: Name of a river in Finland. OFOTO: Old name of Kodak. BIG BLUE: Nick name of IBM. BENQ: Bringing enjoyment and quality. INTEL: Integrated electronics. MITSUBISHI: Synonym is Three diamonds. BPL: British Physical Laboratories. CNN: Cable News Network.

It breaks my heart

I am watching all this news of the tsunami in Japan. It breaks my heart. My thoughts go out to everyone affected. By Ellen DeGeneres