Full Form of SMILE

Full Form of SMILE is Sweet Memories In Lips Expression

The best things to be given away

The best things in Life can never be kept; they must be given away. A Smile; A Kiss; and Love!

For the best mom

For the best mom who always had a smile for me. I know we may be far apart right now So heres a great big hug and kiss. Happy Mothers Day

You do not know the effect

You do not know the effect you have on me. Because every time I see you my heart begins to smile.

Behind your smile

Behind your smile I know there are sorrows; Behind ur laughter I know there are tears; And I want you to know that behind you I am always there as friend forever for you.

To smile without condition

To smile without condition; To talk without intention; To give without reason and To care without exception is the beauty of any True Relation.

Always have a smile

Always have a smile on face; you dont own all the problems in the world.

Constitution formed day

Constitution Gave us Faith; Freedom; Peace and Pride. So Lets Value the Day it was created And Wish Happy Republic day with a smile.

Sometimes in LIFE

Sometimes in LIFE its very difficult to decide whats wrong A LIE that brings a SMILE or The TRUTH that brings a TEAR.