Whatsapp Photo Forwards Viral

Below are the whatsapp photos which I receive and I want to share with all of you. These are very nice and sharable.

Trainer Gym guides best machine is ATM, Funny Whatsapp Status

A man asks a Trainer in the gym: I want to impress that beautiful girl, which machine can I use? Trainer Replies: ATM Machine.

Smartest Person Whatsapp Status

just met the smartest person on earth, he was in fornt of the mirror.

Battery and Live, Whatsapp Status truth

Battery About to Die, I am about to live.

WhatsApp पर चेटिंग

💬 एक लड़के की सगाई एक बहुत ही खूबसूरत लड़की के साथ तय हुयी…💬 💬 वो दोनों पूरे पूरे दिन WhatsApp पर चेटिंग करते रहते थे ..💬 💬 आखिर वो रात आ ही गयी जिसका उन्हें इंतज़ार था.💬 💬 उस रात लड़का, लड़की का घूंघट उठाकर बोला 💬 💬 तुम […]

Good Morning Red Flowers Wonderful Weekend

Good Morning Red Flowers Wonderful Weekend Whatsapp good morning wishes.

Whatsapp Calling for Windows Phone

Whatsapp calling for windows phone is now availiable in the latest update! Update your whatsapp and start calling your contacts in whatsapp for free. The UI of windows phone whatsapp calling feature seems very clean. Enjoy Whatsapp calling now. It was a long waiting since android received whatsapp calling feature. […]

Father’s Day Messages / Father Day SMS, Text, Whatsapp fathers day

Father’s Day is for father, celebrate the day with father. Enjoy, have fun and tell a few lines to your father which makes your father feel great. Father’s day is all about celebrating and making happy to a father. Few messages which can make a father happy.   From a […]