Husbands and Wives in Heaven with God

In heaven God told all husbands & wives to gather for a meeting! He told the men to stand in two queues… Those who are controlled by their wives & those who control their wives! Only 1 man stood in d second Queue… God said “So you control ur wife?” […]

I’m following Indirani Mukerjee

No more jokes – I’m following Indirani Mukerjea story. Comedy, Romance, Adultery, Murder, Suspense- damn! that lady lead crazy life… Indrani Mukerjea – A 2nd wife of her 3rd husband is charged along with her 2nd husband of killing her sister now daughter from her 1st husband who was having […]

road between USA and India

God: I am pleased with your prayers. Ask me what do you want? Man: I want to lay a road between USA and India. God: That is not possible. Laying road over seas, land and across boundaries of different countries is very difficult. Ask me something else. Man: Please make […]

Husband calls to wife after fight

Husband: Hi my Love. I Was missing you; so I called How are you darling? Wife: Oh. What about big fight we had five minutes ago? You are not angry? Husband: Oh God I dialled home again!

By all means, marry

By all means; marry. If you get a good wife; you will become happy; if you get a bad one; you will become a philosopher.

A poor man catches a fish

A poor man catches a fish; but his wife cant cook due to high prices so no gas; no spices; no oil. Man puts the fish back in river. Fish shouts: Congress Zindabad! Congress is a Party Name which is ruling presently in India.

Men understand men better

Men understand men better. Example: Man: I want to buy a ladies watch. Shopkeeper: Is it for your wife? or shall I show a expensive one. 😛

A good Married life secret

A good Married life secret is. . . . . . . Always think you are Lion and. . . . . . . Wife as . . . . . . RING MASTER 😀

Bus full of housewives

Bus full of housewives was crashed and every one died; husbands cried for a week. A man was stil crying after two weeks When asked why he still crying? He Replied: MY wife missed the bus.