Boy to a Girl for True Love

True love! Girl: which is more important your life or me? Boy: Before I answer that; let me ask you something Girl: sure. Boy: what is difference between you and my life.

I love you on Anniversary

I LOVE U are words just three; which means so much on our ANNIVERSARY. So; this is what i want to say; live in my heart and there for ever stay.

Less than 3 symbolize love

Less than 3 symbolize love. In mathematics its LESS THAN THREE; which means love is only between you and me; no third one. < 3

Someone Misses YOU

Someone Misses YOU. Needs YOU. Worries About YOU. Lonely Without YOU. Guess Who? Its not me you APRIL FOOL. ITS THE MONKEY IN THE ZOO!

I miss you 2

I miss you. . . I need you. . . More and more. . . each day. . . each second. . . I love you. . . more than words. . . can ever say.

Difference of Love and Friendship

Difference of Love and Friendship without you; I Cant Live: Is Love. You must Live; I am with you: Is Friendship.

I love you

Have I told you recently that I love you? Well; just in case I did not now itself I want to say it over and over; and over again I LOVE YOU! Happy Valentines Day.

Kiss on Hand 1

Kiss on Hand; it means I adore you.

Kiss on the Lips

Kiss on the Lips; It means I am in love with you.