Taurus 2015 Personal Horoscope

2015 is a great year for Taurus to begin something new and maybe choose a new direction for some part of your life. Mentally, you may have been preparing, and now’s the time.

The Sun and Moon are both in Taurus as your year starts, so April and May could be the most agreeable for your plans.

Love and relationships in general may take a slight hit in July and August when Venus goes retrograde from July 25 until September 6. Sometimes you need to go extra slow with people and affairs of the heart, that’s all.

Be extra creative and you’ll be popular all summer long. The Mercury retrograde in Libra (September 17 to October 9) might stress relationships, but Venus rules here, too, and Taurus knows how to be sweet.

Be healthy, happy, and good to yourself, especially in November and December!

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