Todays Date SMS

This category consists SMS related to dates. The SMSs which are the best to send or forwards to your friends or any contacts on the date.

Those who need 121212

Those who need their childs first birthday to be on 121212 Date 12-12-2012; today is last day to participate; exact 9 month in hand; Hurry up offer closes tonight!

Anant Pai Birthday

Do you remember Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle? Remember childhood comics? The author of these famous comics Anant pai also known as Uncle Pai was born on this day; the 17th September. Lets remember and thank him.

Happy Engineers Day

Happy Engineers Day to all Engineers. Be proud we make the world.

Centuries ago people who sacrificed

Centuries ago people who sacrificed their sleep; food; laughter and other joys of life were called SAINTS now they are called ENGINEERS! HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY!

Engineers Day SMS

We give wings to the nation to fly high:AERO. We create the magic world CSE and IT. We build the nation: CIVIL. We connect the world: ECE. We move the World: MECH. We are the Power of World: EEE. and We are the action and Reaction of the World: Chem. […]

Birthday of Sir M.Vishveshwaraiah

Its Sep15; Birthday of Sir M.Vishveshwaraiah; Greatest Engineer of India. Salute the great man; Be proud to be an Engineer! Happy Engineers Day!

Black day for India

Black day for India. After the shameless things done by the Government in Ramlila Maidan Delhi. India celebrates Black day.

Mothers Day

To my sweet mother. Happy Mothers Day

Thinking of you on GOOD FRIDAY

I am feeling very sad today! On the Holy day. May His light guide your path. May his love grace your heart. And may His sacrifice strengthen Your Soul! Thinking of you on GOOD FRIDAY!