Valentines Day SMS

Valentine’ Day is multicultural festival is perhaps the only festival celebrated all over the world with the same spirit and gusto to express love to the special someone in your life. Share Valentines day Short messages with your love and Say I LOVE YOU. Happy Valentines Day. Don’t let go this opportunity waste if you have been longing to utter the romantic words “I LOVE YOU” to someone.

Loving is looking at same direction

Loving is not just looking at each other; its looking in the same direction. Happy Valentines Day.

I love you

Have I told you recently that I love you? Well; just in case I did not now itself I want to say it over and over; and over again I LOVE YOU! Happy Valentines Day.

I wrote your name in my heart

I wrote your name in the sky; but the wind blew it away. I wrote your name in the sand; but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart; and forever it will stay. Happy Valentine Day!

My Valentine I really need you!

If I were a key; I would lock you; If lightning; I would shock you; If pier I would dock you; If I band I would rock you. If spoon; I would feed you; If house; I would deed you; On this Valentines Day; I must plead you; My Valentine; […]

You will be my Valentine

When we are apart; My need for you goes off the chart. Will you be mine? Can I be thine? Say you will be my Valentine!

Love is not a decision

Love is not a decision; its a feeling. If we could decide who to love; then; life would be much simpler; but then less magical. Lets make love. Happy Valentines Day.

It still seems like magic 1

It still seems like magic; every time I remember; how love softly touched our hearts; bringing in together; I love you. Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day Sweet Heart

YOU are unique; YOU are caring and YOU are the Best. And I am the luckiest to have YOU in my life! Happy Valentines Day my sweet heart!

I live for you

What I need to Live; Has been Given to me; By the Earth; Why I Need to Live; Has Been Given to me; By You as my Valentine; Happy Valentines day.