Virgo 2015 Money Horoscope

Career prospects, job offers, or new assignments may be a bit out of the ordinary in 2015, Virgo. Think and boldly act outside the box. Expose yourself to new skills and learn new things.

If you’re job searching in March and April, submit a slightly quirky application and have infinite self-confidence. A Tenth House Uranus in Aries is your friend. You never know.

If already in a stable job, challenging new duties could appear right away in January.

Count no chickens before they hatch, make sure those incoming checks have cleared and maybe cut back a little on using credit (if you haven’t already).

You’re blessed with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, and by late summer, people may simply give you valuable, useful things. Be generous in return, in proportion with good sense. The stars radiantly smile on your finances this year!

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