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Whats worse than biting

Whats worse than biting half of the apple or what ever you like and finding a worm in it? Guess? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Finding only half of the worm! 😀

Naughty kid in toilet

A naughty kid was sitting in toilet; but potty was not coming. After many efforts he got frustrated and shouted At least come out now duffer; I am not going to eat you!

A sweet poem about TATTI

A sweet poem about TATTI: Tatti meri pyri tatti; sauchalaya ki rani tatti; subh subh jab aye tatti; ghar angan mehkaye tatti; pili tatti; kali tatti haye re meri nyari tatti; kudrat ka dastur nirala sabko he aye hai tatti; khul k jo na aye tatti sacchi bada sataye tatti; […]

Happy POTTY Day!

Happy POTTY Day! Wish POTTY day to 7 People and have a Smooth Potty with full pressure and 3D surround sound; If u dont forward; you will get constipation for 7 days.

Jack toilet me baitha tha

Jack toilet me baitha tha. . . . Saamne likha tha paani ka zyada se zyada istemal kare. Now Jack at his best once again. Wo Baithe Baithe 3 Dabbe Paani Pi gaya!

Ek Rani ko loose motion ho gayee

Ek Rani ko loose motions ho gayi. Har jagah potty hi potty. Rani ne kaha ; ;Jo meri potty k 3 glass piyega mei usse shaadi karungi; ; JACK ne 2 glass piye or ruk gaya. RANI: Bas 2 glass! Darr gaye kya? JACK: nhi RAAJMA chaba raha hu!

Pig or Pigni hotel gaye

Pig or Pigni hotel gaye. Pig: 1 goo fry; 1tatti panir; 1 tanduri tatty; 1 mix potty or 2 glass dast le aao. Pigni: bhaiya pyaaz mat dalna badboo aati hai.