Reliance for 29 Oct 2020

SBILIFE, Reliance and Justdial

Today is a monthly expiry and I have selected three stocks for today, SBILIFE, Reliance and Justdial. Justdial seems to rest on a support trendline which can be a buy option. If breaks the support trendline then sell. Reliance is trying hard for sustaining 2000 and making it a strong support zone but the strength seems to be decreasing and it would break this mark today. Sustaining this which seems very difficult to me will take the price to upper trendline which could be around 2025 and above that it can be a breakout and strong buying can be seen […]

NIFTY for Monthly Expiry October

NIFTY and BANKNIFTY for October Expiry

Nifty and Banknifty gave a sharp move downside yesterday. Nifty couldn’t find clear support which seems that the bearishness may continue today and the same will be reflected in BankNifty. Nifty broke yesterday’s support of triangle formation, and also a bigger triangle formation is seen now. As per the charts, it is bearish and with a bearish point of view, I have made the targets which could be hit today. Downside targets can be 11500 and upside targets could be 11900. Option chain suggests that 11800 is strong resistance and 11700 is strong support. Comparative writings on both of these […]

BPCL for 28 Oct 2020

GAIL, BPCL, UPL for 28 Oct 2020

GAIL, BPCL and UPL are in the list for today. UPL is moving in a trend line as shown which suggests the first target can be 444.5 and if trend line breaks then a down move can be seen. BPCL gave a triangle breakout yesterday and was moving positively. A bigger triangle can be now seen whose target could be around 350 on the positive side and if break downwards then a pretty downward move is possible. GAIL seems to be forming a W shape which is a bullish move. 85.8 can be the target for a positive move. 83.8 […]

NIFTY for 28 Oct 2020

NIFTY and BANKNIFTY for 28 Oct 2020

NIFTY and BANKNIFTY moved positively yesterday with a 1% gain in Nifty and 2.88% in BankNifty. For me, it seems there could be a formation of a triangle, The positive momentum may continue for the first hour and then again a downward momentum may begin. If Nifty crosses 11900 then 12000 is the target which it will try to achieve. 11800 is good support now according to option chain. Chart Suggests that if 11900 isn’t broken then 11800 can be the target as per the shape formation. Banknifty seems bullish than Nifty when compared now. It reached the resistance and […]

BPCL for 27 Oct 2020


Three stocks for today’s trade are Reliance, Bhartiartl and BPCL. BhartiArtl is compressing a little while staying in an upward moving channel. Yesterday it breaks the high of previous date and ended with flat closing. The upward momentum seems to be intact and the possibility of positive closing can be seen today. BPCL was predicted yesterday and it gave a positive break out but due to market it couldn’t sustain and SL was hit. It seems to be forming a triangle again and would move with the market. Reliance gave a steep downward move yesterday and it gave higher lows […]

NIFTY for 27 Oct 2020

NIFTY and BANKNIFTY for 27 Oct 2020

NIftand Banknifty gave a good move yesterday after breaking out the triangle. It is possible that nifty can open with a gap up or gap down. It’s much possible that yesterday’s low will break. The option writing is heavy on 11900 and 11800 being a zone to decide. Support is seen on 11700 but the writing isn’t seen so much support. As per the chart, Nifty is having a down channel in as seen in 15 mins chart. Levels as well are drawn for easy trading. BankNifty is having a similar move as Nifty and is running in a downward […]

GAIL for 26 Oct 2020


Today we have four stocks to trade for. Axis Bank, UPL, GAIL and BPCL. Axis bank is moving in an upward channel and is at support trendline in 15 Mins time frame. A good to buy inside the channel for 7 to 10 Points gain. Break out downside from the channel can be a sell until there is a positive pattern in candles. Axis bank being a BankNifty component it could be a good opportunity to buy if the market seems positive. BPCL is consolidating in a channel with 350 as support and 354.7 as resistance in 15 mins time […]

BANKNIFTY for 26 Oct 2020

NIFTY and BANKNIFTY for 26 Oct 2020

Nifty and BankNifty traded in a narrow range on Friday. Nifty seems to be forming a triangle in 15 Mins time frame. The breakout for upside can be above 11950 and for downside can be 11920. Option chain suggests that 12000 is a High Resistance zone, which if it breakouts, it can easily for more 150/200 Points. And the supports seem to be at 11900/11800. RSI seems to be bullish on 1HR as neutral on 15 Mins time frame. There is a bearish MACD divergence in 1 Hr time frame while consolidation seems to be almost in the end and […]

Cricket 🏏 related funny messages

Enjoy the funniest cricket messages for having a good laugh. Aaj 1st semi final ke baad humein pata chalegaa ki.humein lagaan dekhni hai ya border! Brilliant sign at Pune tea stall:Tea will be served only in the sauceras Mumbai took away the cup! They said, When Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) is added with Lithium (Li)it becomes Explosive Reagent.Well said… “KOH+Li=KOHLI! I have five tickets for the Mumbai semifinal.Anyone interested in coming?……..Agar Aisa Koi Message Aaye,To Mujhe Batana. Main Bhi Chaloonga! Smith : Aaj Phir Haar Gaye, Finch : Sahi Mein Yaar…. Smith : Maine Bola ThaKi Green Dress Mat Pehno,India Wale […]

VEDL for 23 Oct 2020

BPCL, VEDL, Reliance for 23 oct 2020

Three stocks for today. BPCL, VEDL and RELIANCE. BPCL is moving in a bullish channel. Yesterday it opened with a huge gap up and then it again entered into the channel. Buying is seen at the channel support trend lines. Buy trade will have a good chance of profitability with support or stop loss of 345. The target can be 355/360 for intraday if stayed within the channel. Reliance seems to be making Higher Lows in 15 Mins Time frame. While it is moving in the downwards channel, it will be a good opportunity to short at the upper trend […]

BANKNIFTY for 23 Oct 2020

Nifty and BankNifty for 23 Oct 2020

Nifty and BankNifty expired in a range and was a very volatile move. Nifty RSI is 52 and MACD is Buy in 15 Mins Time Frame While in 1 Hr RSI is 50.3 and Sell Signal in MACD. The range is large. Option chain suggests resistances are 11900 and 12000 and Good Support at 11800. The Trendlines in Nifty Chart suggests that the range is too large for any breakout. Bank Nifty option chain suggests good support at 24000 and resistances ar 24500 and 24600. Today’s close will generate a weekly candle. The next expiry is monthly expiry, so I […]

Reliance for 22 Oct 2020

Reliance and Bhartiartl for 22 Oct 2020

Today I have two stocks to trade with. Reliance and BhartiArtl. Trendlines suggests both are having a buying opportunity today if it’s a positive opening. If the supports are broken then there are small trades that can be captured. The support for Bhartiartl is the trendline where yesterday I mentioned for buying and it gave easy 15 points. Being in an uptrend shorting isn’t suggested anywhere. Buying around support is highly recommended with a small stop loss. Reliance seems to moving in a down channel. Presently at the lower trendline. It is good to actually short on upper side.

Morning after a Rainy Night

After a rainy night

The Morning walk is so beautiful when the weather is amazing. It was a rainy and cold last night. Sleeping with the sound of rain drops feels very much connected with the nature. Waking up early in the morning is so rewarding each and everyday with new sceneries. It’s just for few minutes that this amazing view can be seen. The sun light passing through the tiny gaps between leaves of trees. The roads are washed with the water during night rain. The coolness around. The fresh air to breathe. Birds chirping on trees. It’s so much. Good morning 🤗

Nifty for 22 Oct 2020

Nifty and BankNifty for Weekly Expiry 22 Oct 2020

Nifty and Banknifty gave a large move yesterday. Nifty made a low of 11776 and recovered almost 180 points. Being an expiry day today it can be very much volatile moves. Here are the trendlines and support and resistance for today in Nifty. Option chain suggests that a good resistance is at 12000 if Nifty opens flat or above 11900 and good support is at 11800. It seems that Nifty will be mostly in a range for today between 11897 and 11956. Breakout of this range would be suggesting that the Nifty will expire on that side. BankNifty option chain […]

BHARTIARTL for 21 Oct 2020

Airtel, BataIndia and Cipla for 21 Oct 2020

Today I have selected three stocks. BHARTIARTL, BATAINDIA and CIPLA. BhartiArtl has given a breakout upside and yesterday we have seen upside move and downside move similar to nifty. Drawn lines as a channel it may take for an upside move. If it stays inside the channel then it may go to 415 soon. If the channel breaks then it may come to 400 again. Trading using these trendlines will be good. BataIndia gave a fresh breakout yesterday but couldn’t sustain and reached 1360.50 as low. If the channel breaks then again a fast move can be seen on either […]

NIFTY for 21 Oct 2020

Nifty and BankNifty for 21 Oct 2020

Nifty had a volatile move yesterday with upside in the first session and downside in the second session. It now seems to have a range-bound move for consolidation. The resistance is 11944 and support is 11895. Breaking any of the resistance or support can give a good move towards that side. Here is 1HR chart for Nifty with its trendlines and resistances and support. Option chain suggests that the Resistance is at 11900 and support at 11800 for Nifty Bank Nifty also had a similar move like nifty and seems to be forming a range for weekly expiry. Here is […]

PM Narendra Modi

PM Modi wishes Navratri and Safeness

Main points for addressing live was Navratri wishes and safeness for People from COVID. PM Modi addressed live on his social media platform and wished people for Navratri. He urged people to stay safe and follow the guidelines for COVID. He said how the number of cases again got increased on European and American countries as guidelines weren’t followed thinking that COVID cases wouldn’t increase. In the season of the festival, he wishes everyone should stay safe and enjoy.

PM Modi India

PM Modi’s address to the nation today

PM Modi will be addressing the nation today at 6:00 PM IST. The messages were received as a notification on social media. One can watch on YouTube in which his channel is having 7.78M subscribers.  The is here. He also tweeted about this on Twitter. Where he is having 63.1M followers. आज शाम 6 बजे राष्ट्र के नाम संदेश दूंगा। आप जरूर जुड़ें। Will be sharing a message with my fellow citizens at 6 PM this evening. — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 20, 2020 Many are expecting that it could be wishes of Navratri. festival and maybe also regarding […]

Hindi font Good Morning Meesages

तुम्हारी जिंदगी के हर लम्हे में शहद की मिठास हो। तुम्हारा दिन खूबसूरत और खुशियों से भरा हो। शायद तुम्हें मालूम न हो मगर एक नई सुबह को बड़ी बेसब्री से तुम्हारा इंतज़ार है। इसलिए बिस्तर को थोड़ा आराम दो। उठो और नई उमंगों के संग नए दिन का आगाज करो। ऊपरवाला तुम्हारी हर ख्वाहिश पूरी करे। गुड मॉर्निंग एंड हैव ए हैपी डे। तुम्हारी मुस्कान से प्यारी मुस्कुराहट अब तक नहीं देखी। इसलिए बिस्तर को अलविदा कहो और अपनी मुस्कराहट से इस जहां को जीत लो। गुड मॉर्निंग एंड गॉड ब्लेस यू। आखिरी सांस तक उम्मीद का दामन न […]

Daily Prayers to God

Prayers in short to God. Pray Daily

Someone said one should pray daily without fail, not because he/she wants something but for all the things he/she is already having. Oh Lord,Please give me hope, when I feel like giving up,Please give me a ray of light in the darkness of the night,Please be my strength in life,So, that I can smile to strive,Please don’t leave my hand,Please be there till I stand! Thank you Lord for giving me all,That I want in life,You are the reason for my happiness,Through all the strive,You are the reason for smile,All through the life and while,Thank you Lord for giving such […]

Cipla for 20 OCt 2020

Stocks for 20 Oct 2020 and its trendlines

Yesterday the trendlines were good to trade in all the stocks. There are three stocks which I selected for today. CIPLA, TATAMOTORS and TATAELXSI. Below are the charts with support and resistances. CIPLA was in the list yesterday also and it gave a good move and touched the support trend line. It stayed there and didn’t break. Today it can be a buying opportunity if it sustains above the trendline. Below that it is a sell. The target for bullishness is upper trendlines and for bearishness, we should hold until there is some reversal pattern. Targets upside could be 780/785. […]

Nifty for 20 Oct 2020

Nifty and BankNifty for 20 Oct 2020

Yesterday we have seen that Nifty opened gap up on buying levels and the whole day it was trading in a range and Bank nifty gave a good move upside. The overall market seems bullish and seems to continue today also if the range of Nifty break on upside. Below is the trendlines chart for Nifty and BankNifty in15Mins timeframe. Nifty is having a support trend line and is forming a triangle in the range. Bullish breakout will easily put Nifty into breaking small resistances and it can easily go for 12020. The support can be the trend line which […]