Aquarius 2015 Money Horoscope

It’s a busy year that may often require you to be the point person or figurehead for a project at work. Be discriminating but don’t shirk from this. People will perceive you as ambitious no matter how you feel. Summer, especially August, could be the most productive and successful time for you.
If job hunting, be more proactive, willing to commute a bit farther (or telecommute), and do more follow-up.
The days before January 19 (when Mars conjuncts Neptune, with the Moon in hard-working Capricorn) can work magic for you. What you want is out there, and it’s looking for you.
Money is ample and maybe abundant if you’re realistic about your immediate wants and needs. A marvelous monetary opportunity could happen in August, but it may be a one-time offer. Make the most of it!

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