Best 15 Good Morning messages

A very good morning to all. Here are best 15 Good morning messages which can be shared on whatsapp or telegram or SMS. Enjoy your day.

“Na mandir na Bhagwan,
Na pooja na snaan,
Din hote hi hamara,
Sabse pehla kaam ,
Ek pyara sa post apne dost k naam
Good Morning”


/'”‘”_ Robot.
Speed 1 Tera Hertz..
Memory 1 Giga Byets.
my boss TYPE YOUR NAME meeku gud mrng chapamanaru.Task completed.”

Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go.
Always count your blessing,
not what you are missing.
Good Morning”

“Msg Wo Nhi jo Hmesa Naye type Me Aye!
Mera to Bhejne ka ek Hi Matlab h,
Jinko Hm Bheje Wo Hmara nam Dekh K
ek Bar Muskraye or Kahe ki
“pagal Ne Yad To K¡ya”
Gud mor…”

“Faith In Our Powers &
Confidence In Our Ability,
Are Essential To Success.
Have A Successful Day 🙂
Good Morning.”

“Suraj Nikaal Raha He Puraab
Se, Din Shuru Hua Aapki Yaad
Se, Kehna Chahte He Hum Aapko
Dil Se, Aapka Din Achcha
Jaye Hamare Good Morning Se.”

“Subah utho Close-Up kro
Fir Naha k Meri Photo Rkh k
Apne Dono Hath Jod kr Zor se Gao
KOi DiN nai.
gud morning…”

“There is no royal road to success.
However, after success every road becomes royal.
Best wishes for those who believe in struggle!
Good Morning!”

““Morning is an important time of day,
Because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.””

“Not all fingers r same in length..
But wen they r bend, all stands equal..
Life becomes easy wen we bend &
adjust to situations.”

“My love is always with you,
My mind is always wandering near you,
Let you have a nice day,
Good morning to you my sweet!”

“As You Wake Up Today,
Say A Silent Prayer Of Thanks
For Another Brand New Day.
With The Rising Of The Sun,
A New Day Of Opportunities
Emerge For You To Take.
Greet Yourself Good Morning
For You Are Blessed.”

“The Moon’s gone to sleep;
The Sun is out shinning;
Get out of your cosy bed;
And fulfill your dreams.
Good Morning!”

“A Good Life is when You assume nothing Do More Need Less,
Smile often Dream Big Laugh a lot and realize how Blessed you are
Good Morning Have a nice day”

“Every day begins with a hope and ends with dreams. And every day starts with some expectation…
but ends with experience.
Good Morning!”