Cancer 2015 Personal Horoscope

You may feel a bit like a sea creature out of water this year, with only sensitive Neptune in a fellow Water Sign (Pisces). This will illuminate your instincts, feelings, and intuition compared to all the other signs.
Keeping your emotions controlled may be the biggest challenge in late June and July, when the Sun and Saturn move into Water Signs, too.
The first two months you will be focused more on others, but make sure you also take good care of yourself so you can properly be there for loved ones or friends if they need you.
People keep you busy with fun in May and June. Your mind may motor in high gear while your attention zooms in on family, home, and what you love best. Things should calm down after the Sun-Mars conjunction on June 14.
With the Moon in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio on the Summer Solstice, you may not feel charming, but everyone will see your charm throughout the rest of the year!

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