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When u miss someone

When u miss someone; the person is definitely special 4 u. But if the person is so special; why 2 miss them? Just STAY IN TOUCH as I do!

A caring and loving Good Morning message

A Good morning creates a Good mood; A Good mood creates Good work; A Good work creates a Good day; A Good day makes you Happy and your Happiness makes me Happy!

PENCILS are made with Erasers

PENCILS are made with Erasers to give you second chance. But the logic is; Eraser on the pencil was made small for you to remember that chances are limited.

Very truthful lines

Very truthful lines. Words are the only weightless things in this world that can actually make you feel heavy.

RELATIONS cannot be understood

RELATIONS cannot be understood by the Language of MONEY; Some INVESTMENTS never gain PROFIT in RUPEES; But; They make US RICH in VALUES.

Adjustment with right people

Adjustment with right people is always better than argument with wrong people. A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words!