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50th Birthday Quotes

50th best Birthday quotes

By the time we hit fifty, we have learned our hardest lessons. We have found out that only a few things are really important. We have learned to take life seriously, but never ourselves. Marie Dressler I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming… suddenly you find – at the age of 50, say – that a whole new life has opened before you. Agatha Christie The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. Muhammad Ali Looking fifty is great–if you’re sixty Joan Rivers The face you […]

May God give you

May God give you a charmed life and also the strength to scale the highest mountains and cross the deepest oceans. Happy Birthday to you.

Birthday Full Form Wishes

full form of birthday is fullform of birthday is B: Be yourself; I: Invite new challenges; R: Recall past triumphs; T:Trust your instincts; H: Have faith in your abilities; D: Desire only the best A: Affirm your strengths Y: You have got what it takes! Happy Birthday! Birthday Full form