Love SMS

Love SMS are for the lovers. Express your love by SMS. Copy easily with QR code and forward. Many types of Love sms available.

Love is Ocean

Love is that ocean
In which if you are drown,
You won’t call for help
It’s the suicide
That you have committed to begin another Beautiful life!

Never hide Secret

Never try to hide any secret from a person who can read your eyes,
because one who can read your eyes is always an expert in reading your HEART also.

Love Full Form or Full Form of Love

Lake of Sorrow, Ocean of Tears, Valley of Death, End of Life.
Loss of Money, Out of Mind, Vaste of Time, End of life.
Life’s Only Valuable Emotion.
Long Lasting Original Valuable Emotion.
Loss Of Valuable Energy.
Lack Of Valuable Education.
Language Of Valuable Emotions.
More can be…