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Aaj 1st semi final ke baad humein pata chalegaa ki.
humein lagaan dekhni hai ya border!

Brilliant sign at Pune tea stall:
Tea will be served only in the saucer
as Mumbai took away the cup!

They said, When Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) is added with Lithium (Li)
it becomes Explosive Reagent.
Well said… “KOH+Li=KOHLI!

I have five tickets for the Mumbai semifinal.
Anyone interested in coming?
Agar Aisa Koi Message Aaye,
To Mujhe Batana. Main Bhi Chaloonga!

Smith : Aaj Phir Haar Gaye,

Finch : Sahi Mein Yaar….

Smith : Maine Bola Tha
Ki Green Dress Mat Pehno,
India Wale Pakistan
Samjh Ke Maarenge.

Murali Vijay scoring runs.

Ishant Sharma getting wickets.

Tailenders scoring runs.

It’s confirmed – ACHHE DIN AA GAYE HAIN.

  • USA
    If you ATTACK us. .. .
    we will ATTACK you .
    If you ATTACK us,
    we will DEMOLISH you . .
    If you ATTACK us ,
    we will not play CRICKET with you..:P

One simple question for cricket lovers
Batting team comes for batting and the 10 batsmen gets out in 10 consecutive balls, without making any attempt to make any runs.
question is which number batsmen will be shown not out on scorecard?
Only one attempt please

Answer : 7th

“Yaar iss se acha to apne employees ko
salary hi de deta..
Kam se kam kuch kaam to
karte” – Vijay Mallya after watching Yuvraj’s

over me kitne balls feke jate hai

Kya apne kaha 6?

Galat jawab

1 over me 1 hi ball 6 bar feka jata he

Bade aye!

Cricket k
shoukin :->

Why do people enjoy IPL

5% – Good, intense cricket
5% – Bollywood personalities
15% – Hot girls

Yuvraj ne India ko 2007 mai world cup jeetaya 😀
Yuvraj ne Sri Lanka ko 2014 mai world cup jeetaya
Hisaab barabar 😀

Last T-20 Wc Me Team India Thi Bekar
Last T-20 Wc Me Team India Thi Bekar
Lekin Pahunch Gayi Semifinals Me Iss Bar
Isi Khushi Me

The Pakistan authorities are making a lake in Karachi,
the home town of Shahid Afridi and dedicating it to him,
for his contribution to Cricket and are releasing a lot of ducks in the lake.

Rajinikanth should have played for Mumbai Indians in “Champions League T20 2012” at SA.
The rain would have got called off because of the match.

How long does the Indian Cricket fans have to bear the greatness of Sachin Tendulkar?
Let other of his ilk get a chance to prove their greatness!

The best hint to give Sachin Tendulkar for retiring would be for the “Bigg Boss” producers to send him an invitation for their show.

Sachin Tendulkar to retire

after 6 years in 2018 as Rajya Sabha MP.

Sachin: These Australians always keep strategist to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on me.
Bhajji: Exactly which Australian?
Sachin: Ricky Ponting.
Bhajji: He is neither a bowler nor a captain. Moreover, he has retired. Then how is he pressurizing you?
Sachin: You see, he is younger to me by 1 year and 8 months and he has announced his retirement.

People discussing Cricket and that too,
Indian cricket is a proof that India is overpopulated and there are more people than jobs!

A towel can make one’s career – Ranbir Kapoor

A towel can destroy one’s career – Sreesanth

One can make a career without a towel – Sunny Leone

IPL 6 Qualifiers:
Temperature in Delhi is around 44 degree and cricketers are sweating profusely but afraid of using towels!

IPL 6:
Once all arrests are done by the Mumbai and the Delhi police, they can start a tournament with two new teams – Arthur Road Indians and Tihar Daredevils!

Murali Vijay proves yet again that he is like an “Aadhar Card”. Of occasional importance in India and absolutely useless abroad!

Ponting to Sachin, “God sent me on earth to show people how to play Cricket”.

Sachin: I never sent anybody!

CHINA Cricket Kyon Nhi
Problem Hae
Sab Players Ka Face Ek
Hota Hai
Jo Out Ho Gaya Wahi
Phir Se Aa Skta hai… :p

Life is cricket Dn’t lose Ur wicket,
Try 2 get century,
Never 4get Ur boundary,
Even if U r runout,
Never Bcome mood off,
B’coz God is 3rd umpire..

Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai
Saari Dharti Khel Ka Maidaan
Aur Us Pe Karmbhoomi Hi Pitch Hai
Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai
Aati Hai Sabki Baari But
Just For Once Hai
Hum Hi Is Khel Mein Khiladi Aur
Humhi Audiance Hai
Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai
Naukri Milna To Chauka Lag Jaana Hai
Par Chakka To Sidha Shaadi Ho Jaana Hai
Zindgi Ek Cricket Hai
Jeevan Ke Utar Chadav Ball Ki
Inswing Aur Outswing Hai

2 Pagal Cricket Match Dekh Rahe Thay, Afridi Ne Sixer Mara
Pehla Pagal: Wah Kia Goal Kia Hai,
Dusra: Bewaquf Goal Is May Nahi Cricket May Hota Hai.

Oh Guru, tezz hawa chale toh
Sar pe hoarding gir jate hain,
Aur aakhri over maiden jaye to
Captain ka sar phir jata hai.

The Devils challenged Angels to a game of cricket.

Angel: We have got all the cricketers.

Devils: Yes, but we have got all the umpires!