New Year SMS

New year is the most celebrated festival all over the world. New year celebrations are done burning crackers at midnight. Here some of the collection of new year SMS. Send these SMS to your friends easily by using QR code.

Lets forget past mistakes

Lets forget past mistakes; making amends for this year; Sending you these greetings; to bring you hope and cheer. Happy New Year!

May year to follow be among the best

God bless u and keep u safe not only today but throughout life i.e coming in ur way. May year to follow be among the best u have ever spend. Happy New Year.

A Relaxed mind A Joyful spirit

A Relaxed mind; A Joyful spirit; A Healthy body and heart full of love. All these Prayers for you and your family Wish You a very Happy New Year.

Purity Of Heart and Clarity Of Mind

Purity Of Heart and Clarity Of Mind Is Surety To Success; May God Bless You and Ur Family With PURE; CLEAR


A NEW YEAR; A New Challenge; A New Goal; A New Optimism; A New Approach; A New Mission; A New Resolution; Wishing U a very; Happy New year!

Receive my simple gift of LOVE

Receive my simple gift of LOVE; Wrapped with SINCERITY; Tied with CARE and Sealed with BLESSINGS 2 Keep u HAPPY and SAFE all the Year long. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Great Prosperous Blissful

Wish You A Great; Prosperous; Blissful; Healthy; wealthy; Bright; Delightful; Mind Blowing; Energetic; Terrific and Extremely happy; NEW YEAR.