Sankranti SMS

Get the latest sankranti sms short messages for mobile sms with qr code, post on twitter, facebook wall. Sankranti is an Indian festival for celebration of sun entering makar. On sankranti many kites, in Hindi Patang are flied and celebrated grandly all over the country. Other names are Lohri, Pongal, Uttrayan, Bhogi, Pedda Panduga, Kanuma, Mukkanuma, etc.. Share these short messages of sankranti sms with friends.

The end of winter season

The end of the winter season; Beginning of Spring season; the first festival of New Year. Celebrate with joy and Happiness. Wish you happy Makar Sankranti!

Kites flying high

Kites flying high to touch the happiness; til mangled with sweet to spread sweetness. Time to enjoy the moment with full intensity very happy prosperous Makar Sankranti

Types of Kites or Patang

Do you know the names of kites? Happy Sankranti

Check out how the kites look with names. Latti Dhar, Naamam Dhar, Chukka Dhar, Naamam Langot, Dappan, Gilora, Guddi Dhar, Langot

Wish you a very very Happy

Wish you a very very Happy Advance Makar Sankranti. Enjoy the festival to the fullest by flying kites and eating sweets.

One kite for you

One kite for you One kite for me. Lets celebrate the festival flying our kites together. Happy makar Sankranti!

May you fly

May you fly various designs of Kites. May they fill all colors in your life. Celebrate the Festival of Kites. Happy Kite Festival Makar Sankranti!

Look Outside

Look Outside. Its so pleasant! Sun Smiling For you. Trees Dancing for you. Birds singing for you. and friends waiting for you to fly kites. Because I requested them All to wish You HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI!