Friendship SMS

Friendship is the most trusted relation in Human Life. Friendship day is also celebrated for friendship. You can also send friendship SMS every day to your friends who are close to you and show your care.

There are three things in Life

There are three things in Life which never leaves you alone. 1. Heart Beat. 2. Your own Shadow. 3. A person of who sent you this SMS.

Behind your smile

Behind your smile I know there are sorrows; Behind ur laughter I know there are tears; And I want you to know that behind you I am always there as friend forever for you.

Respect the heart who find time

Respect the heart who find time for you in their busy schedule. But; Love the heart who never see their schedule when you need them. that’s like a real friend.

To smile without condition

To smile without condition; To talk without intention; To give without reason and To care without exception is the beauty of any True Relation.


MIRROR IS OUR BEST FRIEND. REASON: When you Laugh; It also laughs. When you cry; It also cries. But when you beat; it will not beat you; But; Breaks.