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Got the first person to invent exams

Got it. mil gaya sala harami kutta kamina. HENRY FISHEL THE AMERICAN was the first to invent THE EXAMS . . . 4WARD 2 all students. . . ! ! ! !

Worlds shortest jokes

Worlds shortest jokes: 1. 2 Women r sitting quietly. 2. 2 Sardars r playing chess. 3. Girl Friend pays d bill.! Need more? The ultimate one; U r beautiful.

Mr.BEAN puts his pencil

Mr.BEAN puts his pencil into a horlicks bottle. Why? To make the pencil taller; stronger and sharper! He is so intelligent like YOU!

If in examination hall

If in examination hall during the exam you feel that the paper is tough; dont worry. Just close your eyes;
take a deep breath and say to yourself. This is a very interesting subject. I want to study it one more time.

A sweet poem specially for you

A sweet poem specially for you; Eat bread with butter; Cut pencil with cutter; When you forget me; YOU will definitely fall in Gutter.

When you born

When you born. The clouds were parted. Sun shined and God appeared infront of all people and said. SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE. KINDLY ADJUST.

Love story of a dog

A love story of a dog. . . . . . . . . . Once said Love story, so much interested in reading Hmmm? you will not even leave a Dog??