Jack Jill SMS

Jack and Jill are two Funny Characters doing silly and funny things. You will LOL reading each small things they do. Enjoy reading Short MessageS of Jack and Jill and sharing it with your Social Network and Friends. Click the title of SMS to view full SMS with QR code for copying the text to your mobile.

What is the guarnatee 4 this mirror

JACK: What is the guarantee 4 this mirror? Shopkeeper: Throw this mirror down from 100ft height, the mirror will not break till 99ft. JACK: WOW! pack it.

Chemical symbol of Barium

Professor: the chemical symbol of Barium Jack: Ba Prof: Sodium? Jack: Na Prof: what will we get if 1 atom of Barium and 2 atoms of Sodium are combined? Jack: BANANA.

Jack and Jill on Fox

Jill: Why are you watching Fox News since 8 Hrs? Jack: I Wanted to know news about foxes; but no news about foxes so far!

Jack dialled a phone

Jack dialled a phone no. A computerized female voice said. Your Balance is low; please recharge to make a call. Jack: Hmmm. Let it be; Talking with you is more than enough for me.

Jack went for an Interview

Best joke: Jack went for an Interview. Jack: May I come in sir? Interviewer: Wait please. Jack: 70 kgs sir.

Jack bought a car on loan

Jack bought a car on loan. He did not pay the dues; the bank took away his car. Jack: If I knew this; I would have taken a loan for my marriage also!