Leo 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

Smart Mercury and sizzling Mars are both in emotional Cancer when the Sun enters your sign, Leo. This sets you up for a smart, sexy year that will make you two a strong, successful team when facing the world.
If shopping for a house, car, or any other major purchase, your most agreeable times come in July, August, or September. You’ll be able to work together easily all year, though, when making crucial decisions.
Communication should be sharpest and most sensible in the summer. The Venus retrograde in Leo (July 25 – September 6) might cause slight confusion, but be methodical and patient with each other.
Late summer is the best vacation time for a romantic getaway, with Jupiter at the end of Leo and Venus at the beginning of Virgo. It should be most affordable around now, too.
The only dicey times (when you should avoid quarrels) are during the Venus-Mars conjunctions (February 21, August 31, and November 2).

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