Love SMS

Love SMS are for the lovers. Express your love by SMS. Copy easily with QR code and forward. Many types of Love sms available.

If someone ignores

If someone ignores making eye contact with you; then that person secretly loves you.

You mean a lot to me

I am scared. I am jealous. But that’s only because you mean a lot to me. I love you!

If I could be any part of YOU

If I could be any part of YOU I would be your tear; To be conceived in your heart Born in your eyes. Live on your cheeks and Die on your lips.

I want you to know

I want you to know something but I dont want to tell you; so I will just let the first 3 words of this sentence explain it.

Who Truly Believe In Love

Golden Words For Those Who Truly Believe In Love. Love Is The Sixth Sense; which Destroys all the Five Senses and you become NONSENSE!

Quote by a broken heart

Great quote by a broken heart. I am not down as you left me. In fact I am very excited thinking that if I was so happy with the wrong one; how great I will feel when I get the right one!