Love SMS

Love SMS are for the lovers. Express your love by SMS. Copy easily with QR code and forward. Many types of Love sms available.

Problem Talent and Kismat

Difference between problem; Talent and kismat. . . . . . . . . . Two boys love one girl = PROBLEM! One boy love two girls = TALENT! Tow girls love one boy = kismat

Best proposing trick

Best proposing trick: Giv a kiss 2 d girl widout teling anything. Tn say: i love u AND if u love me tn keep d kiss wid u; otherwise give it bck 2 me! Just Try it.

Finally Understood What True Love Meant

I Finally Understood What True Love Meant. Love Meant That You Care For Another Persons Happiness More Than Your Own; No Matter How Painful The Choices You Face Might Be.

Maine dil k darwaje par likha

Maine dil k darwaje par likha “Andar Aana Mana He

Mohabbat hasti hui aayi
Aur aakar
Bade pyar se Boli..
“Maaf Karna.

Main to Andhi hun”

Live with who love you

Wonderful Lines: U cant hug urself. u cant cry on ur own shoulder. LIFE is all about living 4 One Another. So live wit those who LOVE u most.