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When we are

When we are wrong and surrender, we are honest;
When we are in doubt and surrender, we are wise;
But when we are right and surrender, we value

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Art and Part Of Living

Living in favourable and unfavourable Situations is Called; Part Of Living; But Smiling in all those Situations is called; Art Of Living.

When u miss someone

When u miss someone; the person is definitely special 4 u. But if the person is so special; why 2 miss them? Just STAY IN TOUCH as I do!

MAN in GODs shop

MAN in GODs shop; Wat do u sell? GOD; What ever ur heart desires. Man; I want success & happiness. GOD smiled and said; I sell only seeds not fruits

Failure and Success

Failure is a single paper in a book of success. But Success is the whole book itself. Dont lose a full book for a single paper.

Man asking God I want happiness

A Man asked GOD: I WANT HAPPINESS. GOD Said: 1st Remove I That’s Ego. Then Remove Want That’s Desire. See u R Left wid only HAPPINESS.

Full form of Wednesday

Wonderful Energetic Delightful Neat Excellent Sensible Dazzling Ambitious Youngster is the full form of Wednesday