Funny Interview MP Sir

OFFICER:- What is your name?
Manoj :- M.P. sir
OFFICER:- In full please
Manoj :- Manoj Pandey
OFFICER:- Your father’s name?
Manoj:- M.P. sir
OFFICER:- What does that mean?
Manoj:- Madan Pandey
OFFICER:- Your native place?
Manoj: M.P. sir
OFFICER:- What’s that?
*Manoj:- Madhya pradesh
OFFICER:- What is your qualification?
Manoj:- M.P.
OFFICER:- (angry) What is that?!!!
Manoj:- Matric Pass
OFFICER:- So why do you need a job?
Manoj:- It is because of M.P. sir
OFFICER: Meaning?
Manoj:- Money Problem
OFFICER:- Would you explain yourself and stop wasting my time? What’s your personality like?
Manoj: MP sir.
OFFICER: And what is that?
Manoj:- Marvelous Personality
OFFICER:- I see… I will get back to you.
Manoj:- Sir, how was M.P. sir?
OFFICER:- And what’s that again?
Manoj:- My Performance.
OFFICER:- I think you have M.P.
Manoj:- Meaning?
OFFICER:- Mental Problem!!!

Don’t laugh alone.
Send this to M.P. (Many People) those are saved in your M.P. (Mobile Phone)
to put a smile on their faces.
I have sent this to u because u are M.P. (My People).

NRC Full Form

NRC full form is the National Register of Citizens. It is presently implemented in Assam.

CAA Full form

CAA simply means the Citizenship Amendment Act.
CAA is applicable only to the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Christian and Parsi minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who faced persecution on the basis of their religion. Only those minorities will gain benefit from the law who entered India on or before December 31, 2014. The law does not apply to any other foreigners including Muslims, migrating to India from any other country.

If my life was a skyscraper

If my life was a skyscraper,
you would be its architect,
builder and most importantly the founding pillars.
I love you, my mother.