Pisces 2015 Love Horoscope Couple

Pluto conjuncts the asteroid Ceres on February 15, so take good care of one another in early 2015. Indulge minor phobias and keep healthy snacks on hand. Pampering one another and cooking healthy meals together can show love without resorting to words.
People may seek you out for support or advice in February and March, and it may be hard to refuse them. Respect your own “couple needs” and consult with each other often. A glance at one another will be enough sometimes.
Passions overflow with the three Venus-Mars conjunctions this year. The conjunction of February 21 happens at the very beginning of Aries. It might feel like you’ve just met and fallen in love all over again.
As Jupiter moves into Virgo in August and as Saturn regains Sagittarius in September, life will only seem calmer. It will be more passionate, intimate, and emotionally nurturing for you both! Be sensitive and strong, and make your major plans for 2016 in the closing months of 2015.

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