Pisces 2015 Love Horoscope Unmarried

Your heart may beat fast from January through April, Pisces, so limit that coffee consumption or maybe switch to decaf on those late night dates.
Judgment may be clouded (especially with the Mercury retrograde January 21 – February 11) but instincts and psychic senses remain sharp. This gives you a chance to make a graceful exit if you want to.
The March 20 Solar Eclipse (in Pisces) could also bring romantic excitement. Something pivotal could begin or end for you. Pay attention and keep those psychic antennas up high.
You may meet fewer people from late April until August, but you may be ready for a bit of rest, anyway.
Your social life, and critical thinking, rebound and improve in the fall, from October until the end of the year. If looking for someone solid as well as sexy, late October and again in late November are windows of opportunity.
This is an excitingly romantic year, Pisces. Play it safe and smart, but go out there and play!

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